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Jeffrey prepares the contemporary actor for the contemporary marketplace. Using a disciplined improvisational approach, Zeiner inspires the actor to use the “script” as a vehicle for each actor’s own dramatic imagination.


Mr. Zeiner writes his own classes, offering dramatic outlines giving the actor valuable opportunities to recognize, commit to, and play the drama of the script without dialogue dependency. And when applied to the written script, Zeiner’s approach gives the actor the confidence and skills to make strong committed choices very quickly. This allows the actor to then use the dialogue to honestly act the drama created by the playwright.


Jeffrey Zeiner has an impressive list of students who are currently working in film, television and on stage. Included are students starring on soaps and recipients of Broadway's Theatre World Award. His technique prepares the actor for all media, but especially equips the artist to give powerfully gripping performances on camera with minimal rehearsal. 

- Jeffrey Zeiner-

“The dialogue NEVER does the acting.  You do.”

The Approach

• Master the unique ability to make spontaneous inspired choices that GETS YOU THE JOB!


• Discover the art of improvisation and how it makes you effective in today’s marketplace.


• Characters are developed and performed ON CAMERA.


• The technique prepares the actor to give gripping on-camera performances with minimal rehearsal.


• Be inspired to use the script as a vehicle for our own dramatic imagination. 

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