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Directors, agents, and actors alike all praise the work of Jeffrey Zeiner and his method:

Steve Fader,
Film Director

“On the set, there is never enough time to rehearse. The theory behind Jeffrey Zeiner’s method is the basis of what I use in order to prepare the actor for his scene. It worked for me as an actor and it works for me as a director. It is invaluable.”

Allison Cahill, Actor

“One of the most important things I’ve learned from Jeffrey is the importance of grounding and fleshing out any characterizations with specific details. He also stresses how to make strong and useful choices as quickly as possible. In essence, you are learning how to pay attention to what is given to you as well as learning more about yourself, your instrument, and how to use them more fully in performance.  Jeffrey has pushed me to do scenes I didn't think myself capable of.  In doing so, I believe I have grown as an actress, matured as a confident professsional, and had the time of my life doing it."

Bunny Gardner



"I studied acting with Jeffrey Zeiner years ago and am STILL using acting techniques I picked up in his class. He is so encouraging, positive, clear, focused and dedicated to his students and their growth.

Jeffrey always challenged me with characters that were hard for me to get a handle on. After all, why do things in class that are a piece of cake? I know I am a better actress for his pushing me!"

Sue Winik, Owner/Agent
SW Artists

"Jeffrey Zeiner is a very fine on-camera acting teacher. He excels in preparing his students for professional work and representation."

Frank Zagottis,
DVD Producer

“Jeffrey Zeiner’s approach to character development through the art and challenge of improvisation has freed my inhibitions and strengthened my self-confidence. Not just in the classroom, but at my job as well. It keeps my creativity alive.”  

Devan Clark,


"Jeffrey constantly reminds me of the humaness that is required to take on a role, the gentle subtileness of a character's essence, and how to find that in yourself.  I always feel rejuvinated after our class.  Thank you again for being an amazing teacher!"

Valerie Crane,


"Jeffrey excels at helping you bring an honest performance to the stage."

Keith Fine,


"Jeffery has taught so much about how to develop true characters through making strong choices that bring your character to life.His coaching has been priceless in helping me become a better actor "

Stephen Love,


Francois Mensah,


I've been a recurring student in Jeffrey Zeiner's Film Technique class and I gotta say that the man is a genius. I'm a dancer turned Actor because of all that I've learned and will continue to learn while studying under Jeffrey. I even got my very first agent ( Margaret Emory of SW Artists) immediately after performing in Jeffrey's Zeiner's Live Showcase. I'm so grateful for everything and I'll continue to do my best. Thank you very much Jeffrey.

I just booked a role in my very first film, and I can't wait to tell everyone about it!

"Jeffrey Zeiner taught me more about acting than anyone I ever worked with."

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