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About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Zeiner brings to his teaching a varied and interesting background in the theatre. He spent 13 years as a successful New York talent agent, has extensive experience as a casting director, producer, director, and as an actor.  In recent years he taught classes at the renown Weist Barron Studios teaching courses in acting for stage and camera.  He currently directs his dramatic improv company in compelling theatrical events rich in elements of drama and social significance. 

Zeiner on Zeiner

“I write all my own classes, offering dramatic outlines giving the actor valuable opportunities to recognize, commit to, and play the drama of the scene without dialogue dependency. I say to people that the last thing an actor needs to act is a script, but of course there always is one. It’s how the actor works with the script. It needs to be an inspiration for your imagination. Tennessee Williams doesn’t do the acting, but he gives you the wonderful opportunity to act. He gives you the inspiration to act.


“So a lot of what I do is to help the students recognize what is dramatic, what is of importance to an audience and what is theatrical. And whether it’s THE GLASS MENAGERIE or the three pages you got from the House Of Cards or The Young And The Restless audition, or the little paragraph from the break-down services, that’s your script; that’s your bible.


“You have got to make choices and commitments and you must involve me, meaning the audience, whether it’s in a theater or at the audition. You have got to involve me in acting choices, not in dialogue. That’s what has the impact and that’s what the audience will remember.” 

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