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“The dialogue NEVER does the acting.  You do.”

-Jeffrey Zeiner -

Mr. Zeiner has taught sold-out classes for over 25 years. Recently he has held the only continuing education class at Weist-Barron Studios in New York City.  Mr. Zeiner has offerings for both the experienced working actor, and those who want to become one.  Students that have studied with Mr. Zeiner have gone on to work with major New York agencies.  In a profession that allows little time for an actor to prepare, the actor needs to make choices fast.   Jeffrey's appoach does just that.  He prepares the actor to do the acting - not the dialogue or script.

Film Acting
January 30, 2024
Film Acting


Scene Development Workshop with Industry Guest Showcase

Videos & Testimonials

Jeffrey talks briefly about what he offers the actor and why.

“Jeffrey's improvisational approach to developing a character helped me give an inspired audition which landed me the role of ReAnne in the LETHAL WEAPON films.” - Traci Wolfe, Actor; Lethal Weapon I-IV 

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